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Covering the Miss Universe Swimsuit Competition 2017?

Miss Universe in the Philippines? For real? I really thought that it was just a rumor going around. Or just a hope that it will be but it ...
9:55 PM

SM Seaside City Cebu’s Center Stage Now Open!

 I was at the new SM Seaside City Cebu the day before it opened, and I revisited it again when the “Center Stage” of the mall opened. I saw...
9:05 AM

SM Seaside City Cebu - NOW OPEN!

Great news shoppers! The newest and biggest mall in town is now open. Today, November 27, 2015 will be the first day for you to go dine, s...
5:07 PM

Yamaha Brings International Motorshow in Cebu

July 24, 2015 – I was invited to Yamaha International Motorshow that was held in SM City Cebu’s North Wing area that started around 12nn of ...
10:30 PM

Happy 1st Cebu Blogging Community!

If you’re following me on Twitter or on Instagram, I think you’ve might noticed me tweeting about me on a black sleeveless and endlessly th...
4:46 AM

The Power of Image with Miss Abby Arenas-de Leon

As a SEO specialist who works at home, I don’t get to spend much time talking or socializing with other human beings. Yes, other than my Ma...
10:28 PM

Toy Kingdom Brings Sofia, Jake, and Doc McStuffins in Cebu

Just last week I was notified that there’s a Disney Junior event, and got invite to be one of the first to attend it at the SM Mall Cebu. I ...
6:43 PM

3 Quotable Quotes at the Global Voices Summit 2015

January 24, 2015 – I attended the first day of the Global Voices Summit 2015 that only (as I understand) happens every after 4 years. I o...
1:16 AM

#Throwback 2014 - Year in Review

When 2013 ended, I've made a post titled 12 Months of Highlights for #Throwback2013 . Since 2014 ended, and Facebook got this year in ...
9:50 PM

GDays Mandaue 2014 - For Business, Management and Marketing

Just this Saturday, May 10, 2014 the GBG group here in Cebu Philippines have this awesome big event for Business owners, managers and of c...
7:42 PM

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