The Power of Image with Miss Abby Arenas-de Leon

As a SEO specialist who works at home, I don’t get to spend much time talking or socializing with other human beings. Yes, other than my Mama, I talked to my dogs and my cat. I get out twice a month to Cebu City, twice a week for 3 hours at church, and that’s practically my life.

Having this lifestyle for 5 years, you’ll surely get started to lose it. No, I don’t mean that I’m going crazy. But you lose the touch, dealing with people, interacting with them, and sometimes I don’t even know how to be with people that I just keep quiet in the corner.

I was invited to this event by Hedgren (yes, that brand that is famous for their quality bags, and FYI I love their bag styles especially the sling ones) which is all about “The Power of Image” and will be discussed by the beautiful Miss Abby Arenas-de Leon which is held at SM City Cebu’s Northwing.

A lot of us who attended have learned a lot from Miss Abby Arenas-de Leon, and actually a lot of people was there to learn from here too.

Photo Credits to SM City Cebu

I was late because I was caught in a traffic, and saw this crowd listening, laughing, and learning from Hedgren’s event.

One of the lessons I’ve learned is how to look a person when talking to them. I find it hard these days to look at the person eyes to eyes, and Miss Abby Arenas-de Leon gave us a simple but great tip to do the job which is demonstrated by these two (2) bloggers.

There are lot of tips that was shared, and I would like to thank Hedgren and Miss Abby Arenas-de Leon for sharing these awesome tips to us. Do you want to know what are the power of the image? Check out Channel’s blog post about it, read her article on Hedgren Style Clinic Cebu: The Power Of Image With Miss Abby Arenas-de Leon.

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