What Video Editor I am Using for My Vlog?

I’m getting this same question from a number of persons these past few days, “What video editor are you using for your vlog?”

First off, let me say, YES I purchased a video editor for my vlog. When I said to myself that I’ll be serious about being a YouTube creator, I want the software I am using for it is legal for me to use – you know what I mean.

But before I answer the question I always say…

I lack creativity, so I don’t dream on those software that movie and TV editors, and other professional video editors use. So I aim low, but fly high.
Surprisingly, it seems that some take offend of this. I am not sure why they are offended when I say this. But I’m just telling the truth about what I am capable of, I am just being honest because you can tell it too with my videos.

But maybe also because I just want to say that no matter what software you are using, if you’re not creative in your art, if you lack imagination, even if you have the skills it won’t be as amazing as what others can do. I think that’s why there are these directors, and other members of the production team because each are strong in their own field, and with them all combined you’ll get this amazing edited movies.

In vlogging, you’re a one man team. You’re the director, scrip writer, actor/actress, producer, video editor, etc. I know how to use the other software, I can easily learn new software too especially if they’re user friendly, but to think that I can think that I can make something out more amazing in a clip, I can’t. I actually get the ideas sometimes in the TV series I watch, on how to shoot a scene, the angle, what to do, and how the series is edited, cut into pieces to create that scene. I did not have that from the editor, the editor mostly will just do what you want, not the other way around.

So yes, I settled with a cheaper software that I can do basic stuff though I’ve got the feeling I can actually do more with it.


Watching vloggers and other YouTube creators share about the video editors they use, I am quiet sure they’re using the following:

  • Sony Vegas (as low as $399)
  • Adobe Premier (as low as $19.99/month)
  • Final Cut
  • Camtasia Studio ($199)
None of these software is what I am using, they’re too expensive for me, they’re equivalent to my salary – and I won’t be able to pay bills and buy groceries or even eat if I buy these software. But they’re really good software – as far as I have heard.

What is the video editor you’re using to edit your vlog?

It is the Power Director, it is not known but it’s good enough and affordable software. That’s what I have been using since college, so I’ve been comfortable in editing videos in the software for years and it’s easy to learn all about it because it’s user friendly. The Power Director is actually quite similar to Camtasia Studio, but it’s the affordable version of it.

What Video Editor I am Using for My Vlog power director 14

I only paid $69 one time, and I’ve been using it now for 2 years. There’s a newer version of it but you’ll have to pay for the latest version but I believe you get a discount if you upgrade. I didn’t upgrade though to the latest version because the only highlight of it is the 360 degrees editing is now included which is amazing but I don’t have the equipment to make one.

I decided to go for this software because it can do more than what those free video editors can do, and my basic needs are just there plus what I want to have or find useful one day. It may not be as powerful or can do cool things like those software I mentioned but again, I don’t need power. (LOL)

One thing you must also consider is that your equipment, I’m not talking about your camera, lighting, mic, but where you edit your videos, your computer/laptop. The software above may require a huge memory, and when you edit videos it may also eat up more storage, that will cause your computer to go slow. So if you have an i5 or higher computer, with a huge memory, and of course got some money on your pocket then why not. But if you’re in a tight budget, and just want to do basic editing, then why not try the Power Director.

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