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How an ESA Keeps You Mentally Strong?

Do you remember when you were a kid and the family pooch or kitty seemed to have an innate sense of just when to rub against you - no matter...
7:24 PM

Why You Should Become Sun Life's Financial Advisor?

If you are looking for another way to earn and achieve a work-life balance, then being a financial advisor might be for you! Held at Qu...
2:34 AM

What Video Editor I am Using for My Vlog?

I’m getting this same question from a number of persons these past few days, “What video editor are you using for your vlog?” First off, l...
7:21 PM

6 Weird E-liquid Flavours You Should Try Today

Vaping is an experience that gets better and better with experimentation. Beginners generally start with menthol and tobacco flavourings, an...
4:33 AM

To Join or Not to Join a MCN?

I’ve been now vlogging for a year, few more months to go I’m almost on my second year. I know, I didn’t grow my YouTube channel much, not ...
12:07 AM

The Best Yoga Classes Are Where It All Started

Every year there is an increase in people’s interest when it comes to physical fitness. That is a good thing considering the decline we have...
7:38 AM

A Long Distance Relationship … with my Niece

January 4, 2016 – a new member of the family was born, and her name is Mia. Finally, my older sister was able to have her first baby. Sadly,...
9:32 PM

How Vaping Earned its Place in Popular Culture?

Although it's all the rage in this age, it may be difficult to imagine living in a time in which vaping wasn't a thing. Nevertheless...
3:05 AM

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