3 Quotable Quotes at the Global Voices Summit 2015

3 Quotable Quotes at the Global Voices Summit 2015 Gay Aida Dumaguing Travel Lifestyle Food Blogger SEO Specialist
January 24, 2015 – I attended the first day of the Global Voices Summit 2015 that only (as I understand) happens every after 4 years. I only have three (3) quotable quotes to share with you, I wish I had more but there are a lot of quotable quotes that keeps on coming in. Great knowledge and priceless inspiring words and motivation are being shared from different speakers from around the world. I was focus more on listening to them and learning from these inspiring people, and wasn’t able to keep up in writing the exact words used – since it’s important to have what they did exactly say.

Anyway, let me share with you the quotes that I can’t just forget. Quotes that got my attention and that inspired me on my plans with myself, my career, and my blogs of course.

Al Alegre

If you're not paying for any product, you're the product.  - Al Alegre

In this quote Mr. Al Alegre talks about the open internet, and tells everyone why there are FREE products, and that’s because we are the product.

We shouldn't be shy to promote ourselves Mohamed ElGohary

There are parallel sessions, and I really have to choose and listen to people like ElGohary who talks about funding.

Mohamed ElGohary points out, that we should not be shy to promote ourselves or even what we do. For me, this does not only apply for funding, but also applies in finding a job (you shouldn’t be shy to tell the interviewer what you’ve got, sell yourself – as my Daddy told me way back then when I was job hunting), and it also applies with my blogging (since I’m usually shy in telling people that I do blog, and I blog here and here, and got recognized. They usually have to ask).

I believe there are a lot of other situations that we can make use and keep this quote in mind.

If you have something (that) works, funders will come to you. - Niels ten Oever

I have to say, I like Niels. He was funny and he have a lot to share, if only we have more time I think we could’ve learned more from him.

Niels ten Oever

Right away, he introduced himself and told us “Hi I’m Niels, and I’m a funding addict.”

Well, that’s a great addiction.

Anyway, Niels quote is also applicable not only to funding but to other situations in life. As of me, if you’re doing great with your job (that is if I’m performing well in my SEO services), clients will come to me – and yes they do! That’s the same with blogging, I’ve been getting a lot of event invites lately and a lot of opportunities as a blogger.

I felt like I’ve traveled the other side of the world when I attended the event, since there are a lot of people from the different parts of the world who are experienced and inspiring in their works who came to Cebu and share their stories and inspiring words with us.

The details I’ve shared with you might not be enough, so great news is that Sunstar Cebu covered the event (we were actually LIVE – via live stream) that day so I was able to grab this playlist from Global Voices Summit 2015 website and here, I’ll share it with you guys.

Enjoy and find me! LOL.

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