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The Best Yoga Classes Are Where It All Started

Every year there is an increase in people’s interest when it comes to physical fitness. That is a good thing considering the decline we have...
7:38 AM

5 Health Benefits of Taking Turmeric

What’s turmeric? We’ll, it’s simply a yellow ginger, so yes. It’s a ginger, but the yellow one. Before all of this, I never heard about the ...
7:26 AM

Beachbody’s Focus T25 Alpha Round Workout Review and Results

Took me awhile to update you guys with my fitness journey and a review for the Beachbody Focus T25, but please take note that this Focus T...
8:30 PM

Beachbody’s Turbo Jam Review – Boo or Yay?

I’ve mentioned that I’d love to share My Fitness Journey with you guys, and I’ve actually started this year’s journey - well actually this...
6:30 PM

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