6 Weird E-liquid Flavours You Should Try Today

Vaping is an experience that gets better and better with experimentation. Beginners generally start with menthol and tobacco flavourings, and gradually try unique fruity blends. Thereby, if you have moved past the introductory phase and have developed a liking for vaping, you must have tried a vast variety of e-liquid flavours.

With vaping gaining immense popularity, newer concoctions are available for those who desire to experiment. If you are always on the lookout for creative and distinct e-liquid blends, these weird e-liquid flavours will certainly appeal to your taste buds.

6 Weird E-liquid Flavours You Should Try Today


Just because it is an everyday food item, who said bacon could not be a great e-juice flavour? Bacon flavoured e liquids are one of the most popular flavourings available in the market. If you like the taste of freshly cooked bacon, this may be the flavour you’ve been craving.

Those who like bacon in their meals consider this weird yet divine blend a heavenly treat. So, if you are a fan of bacon, trying this weird e-liquid flavour may just enhance your vaping experience.

Nacho Cheese

Nachos are one of the most popular snacks that are a treat for those who love cheese. With nacho flavoured e-liquids, you can enjoy the cheesy goodness without adding to your calorie count.

Vapers who are up for experimentation and desire to take a break from everyday combinations will find Nacho cheese extremely divine.

Red Bull

You must have heard the slogan, “Red Bull gives you wings.” Thus, if you wish to fly on cloud nine, try the Red Bull e-liquid flavour. This vaping liquid is exactly similar to the drink, and if you are a fan of Red bull, trying this weird e-liquid will be a treat for your taste buds.

The mild citrus after taste of Red Bull makes it perfect for those who like a dose of energy.


The sweet and savoury e-liquid flavours on the market are an extremely popular choice for those who like mild and aromatic notes. One of a kind flavours seem to be bakery e-liquids. These e-liquids have a punch of aroma to ignite your taste buds. The aromatic lemon tart, rich apple pie, custard cream, apple butter are the most popular bakery e-liquid flavours that taste divine.

Many vapers complain that the after taste of most e-liquid makes the experience horrendous. However, with bakery e-liquid flavours, you are bound to enjoy the sweet, citrusy and delicious after taste.

Bakery e-liquids are a popular choice for those who love to experiment. The range of flavours are unique and offer diversity. A lemon tart e-liquid has rich flavoursome citrusy notes, while the custard cream is on the milder side. The variety is also suitable for beginners who want to try new flavours, but are apprehensive about liking the taste. Take a look at this bakery eliquid UK supplier if you want to see what flavours are available.


Espresso favoured e-liquid is the perfect choice for caffeine addicts. While this flavour is try at your own risk due to the strong taste of coffee, those who prefer strong Espresso shots will simply love this unique flavour.

Fruit Loops

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is a popular saying in most parts of the world. So, now you can start your day with your favourite breakfast cereal e-liquid. Your mornings couldn’t get any better. The flavour is extremely delicious tasting like a variety of fruits blended together.

Thus, if you intend to invest in an e-liquid flavour that is guaranteed to taste good, then Fruit Loops is your best bet. Many e-liquid flavour companies have come up with their own variant of Fruit Loops intensifying the immense popularity of this flavour. Moreover, all those who are tired of strong menthol flavours can try Fruit Loops for a subtle taste.

Bottom Line:

Today, vapers have a huge selection of e-liquids to choose from. Thus, it is quite common for individuals to get overwhelmed by the plethora of options. However, all those who vape understand the importance of choosing the right flavour e-liquid . While regular flavourings are great for novices, going out of your comfort zone and trying new and unique flavour blends will add to the overall experience.

Some flavours mentioned above may just be a bit too much for your liking, but the weird potions make them one of a kind.

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