Why You Should Become Sun Life's Financial Advisor?

If you are looking for another way to earn and achieve a work-life balance, then being a financial advisor might be for you!

Held at Quest Hotel last July 28, it was an exciting, fun, and full of interesting opportunity prepared by Sun Life Financial team during that night. The forum was all about being a Sun Life Financial Advisor and the benefits of becoming one. Before the forum started, we had a fresh starter with the participation of the Cebu Trivia Night team. All of those inside the function room had participated. There were 12 tables which represent 12 teams at the same time.

Giveaways and prizes were given away to the winning teams and individuals who snapped a photo of the event and shared it on their social media accounts like FB and Instagram. It was a fun night to start.

Sun Life Financial Stability

Talking about financial stability, it is essential to check first the type of company or brand we are investing. This is to make sure that we aren’t putting our investment to risk. Let’s just say Sun Life for instance, among the insurance companies in the country, only Sun Life belonged to the top 100 in Asia, it ranked 83rd in particular. And according to the Standard and Poor's rating, it got AA while for its AM Best; it got A+ which indicates Superior and this prove that SL is stable financially as a whole.

Why You Should Become Sun Life's Financial Advisor

Sun Life Business advocacy is mainly about helping people. This is what the forum is all about – helping people find the career they may excel in order to help people achieve their financial goal.

Be Part of Sun Life Financial Team

Achieve work-life balance by becoming Sun Life’s financial advisor. Various perks and benefits are offered. Work at your preferred time, flexibility is number one guaranteed when you become one. Whatever schedule suits you best, you can make that happen with ease. These also include the following:
  1. Earn as much as you want/can! The more clients you closed deal with, the more you earn. Sky is the limit!
  2. Huge Market Potential – considering that the insurance penetration nationwide is only 2%, that makes you able to score more people to engage themselves of insuring their future.
  3. Help Sun Life spread their advocacy – you work for a noble cost in helping people in managing their money.
  4. A place ready to work on – if ordinary employees do have their offices, Sun Life provides the convenience for their advisors too. Several offices are available to choose for, whether you want to be based at Mandaue, you can. They also have offices at Ayala, Escario, and more!
  5. Sales Tools– Laptops, Projectors, and more are offered to all financial advisors. This is to allow their people to be able to discuss and explain well how the business runs and discuss further the objective of Sun Life’s advocacy.
  6. Support is offered for free - training professional development, facilitation of government and regulatory licenses, and advertising and promotion, everything you need is definitely provided!

How to Earn?

When you become a financial advisor, your earning would depend on your work. You get to earn by commissions for newly opened businesses and renewals. The more clients you take care of, the more you earn as well.

What’s the advantage of working for Sun Life is that you get monthly bonuses. Perks include are the following:
  • All-Expense Paid Trip – both local and international (in fact, various destinations have been visited in the last 2017 rewards for top financial advisors - Taiwan-Japan Cruise, Sydney Australia in May, Palawan (August), Poland (April to May), Shangrila (September in Cebu))
  • Raffled car
  • Gift Certificates
  • An invitation to attend the annual awards and power dress held in Manila annually!
  • More!

These are all for free provided that you hit a certain parameter! Just like how performance bonuses in corporate world work, to be able to enjoy rewards and bonuses, you must hit a certain parameter set.

Career growth is also offered in the industry. You don’t just stay as financial advisor, as you grow, you get promoted as well. From becoming an FA, you could be a manager candidate which then would point you to becoming a unit manager and so for until you become a new business manager.

Just like one of the speakers that night, Mr. Don Ursal, who is already a manager candidate and is also a Million Dollar Round Table member. He once started as a BPO agent which turned out to be a successful financial advisor who has touched many lives already. And if you want to become just like him, be a financial advisor of Sun Life. Because at Sun Life, you don't just be enjoying commissions and earning but also experience fun.

Learn how to become a Financial Advisor by visiting an office near you or you can check Sun Life’s website at www.sunlife.com.ph.

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