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Hi there! My name is Gay Aida Dumaguing, you can call me Gay or Gigi (my nickname) - just don't call me Aida because that would be my Mama. I'm a 27 years old experienced SEO specialist and social media manager, born and raise in the Philippines, working online since 2009 as a freelancer based in Cebu Philippines.

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Friday, October 31, 2014

I’m a Hootsuite Ambassador!

Hootsuite APAC Ambassador
September 25, 2014 – I got an email from Stephanie Wiriahardja, the Hootsuite Global Ambassador Lead saying that I’ll be a great Hootsuite ambassador due to my influence, followers, blogs, and of course my profession.

I know a few people that are already a Hootsuite ambassador and asked them if the program is great and that if someone like me would be ideal to join the program. Of course, they said yes, that I should come on board and join them.

As you might know, I’m actually already an Ambassador for another website. I’m the first hire to become an ambassador by and so far, I’m doing well with the program – as much as I can tell. I was w worried if I’ll be able to handle and add another brand to represent. Anyway, I go for it since there’s no conflict with both company and they’re in a different market.

By 2013, Hootsuite already have 140 ambassadors in 37 countries, holding more than 150 HootUps in 22 countries, and it’s my pleasure to be a part and be one of their ambassadors.

Am I paid?

Not really, since this is a volunteer program. But I am an affiliate of Hootsuite, and I can earn money through that but they do have perks that I love for their ambassadors – e.g. access to Hootsuite University, networking with other social media influencers, recognition, and swags.

So, most likely you’ll be hearing a lot from me about Hootsuite. Not only here, but also to my other blog since I can totally make a tutorial video of it too.

Become a Hootsuite Ambassador!

If you want to be one of us, then feel free to apply as a Hootsuite ambassador and please do watch this new video for our Hootsuite ambassador program:

If you’ve got questions about the program, feel free to leave it as a comment below and I’ll try my best to answer your questions and concerns.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Matt Cutts on SEO Advantages of a Responsive Design

Matt Cutts on SEO Advantages of a Responsive Design
A client asked me “What is the ideal design for a website? Is a responsive design ideal and good for SEO?” since he’s planning to add another new website and revamp one of his existing website.

Personally, I love responsive design websites. Whether I’m on mobile, on a tablet, or on my laptop, no matter what’s the screen size of the device I’m using, I can easily browse the site in all similar design.

But one of the concerns of the client is on the side of SEO, if it won’t give any negative effect on the optimization of the site, or is having a mobile site instead is more ideal than a responsive design.

Luckily, I found this video of Matt Cutts of Google’s Webmasters answering the same concern and a question of John E. of New York, which is:

"Does a site leveraging responsive design "lose" any SEO benefit compared to a more traditional m. site?"

I totally agree with Matt Cutts here, I do have a bog wherein I’ve implemented a subdomain (from, I’ve added a to add a tool for my blog readers which was really useful and great up to now.

So that sub domain existed for more than 3 years but it has zero (0) page rank and for my blog it got high as PR3 before the page rank rolled back. So yes, the page rank will split but then since page rank right now seems to be inactive, don’t worry much about it.

But then, we’re talking about user experience here on specific devices. So make sure that your website users are redirected well and sent to the right path if you’ll prefer a mobile site separated from the main site.

My Take on Mobile Site vs. Responsive Design

As a regular person, I prefer the same look and feel wherever and whatever device I’m using. As a SEO specialist, it’s a lot cheaper and easier to optimize the responsive design since all of the effort and work will be done in one site.

It’s less hassle to maintain and see if everything is redirected well. Plus, most of the web developers these days can develop a responsive design website, if you're up to redesigning your website and give it a new look you can totally request for a responsive design. It's your chance to give your site a new look plus getting a user friendly site.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cebu Blogging Summit 2014

Cebu Blogging Summit 2014
September 27, 2014 - I was speaking at the second Cebu Blogging Summit held at University of San Jose - Recoletos (USJR) Basak Campus in front of bloggers, want to be bloggers and students. It was my second time as a speaker in my entire life and I was really nervous about it.

The Social Good Summit Cebu was held in the morning, which is a great way to help bloggers decide and motivate them why they should blog, what should they blog about, and why they should keep on doing, sharing and posting something good. Which was for me, a very helpful and educating even I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years now.

Other than being a speaker for that day, I was also one of the organizers of the event along with the fellow Cebu Blogging Community members. I was also supposed to be the host of the event, but because I was too shy and that I was not provided with the information about the speakers and that I don’t know them (or at least meet yet), I don’t have any idea how to introduce them to the crowd of 100 people.

Cebu Blogging Summit 2014
Cebu Blogging Summit 2014 Attendees, Speakers and Organizers
(Some Attendees went home early since they have other duties)
What have the speakers talked about at the Cebu Blogging Summit? I wasn’t able to take note of everything, the titles of their topics but here are what all of the speakers of the event talked about.

Miss Gay Dumaguing @agigil how 7 tips on how to blog. #LiveMore #iBLOGforCEBU #CebuBloggingSummit #2030NOW #safePH

Blogging 101: How to Start a Blog
Speaker: Gay Aida Dumaguing (me!)

Bloggers are Stinking Rich!
Speaker: Mary Narvasa

Blog Search Engine Optimization
Speaker: Junix Villacorta

Making Money with AdSense
Speaker: Jun Baranggan

#Blogging is a publication. Posting on #SocialMedia is a publication, even leaving a comment. Therefore, libelous act can be committed ... #CebuBloggingSummit #iBlogForCebu #LiveMore #EnjoyGlobe

Protecting You and Your Blog from Online Libel
Speaker: Atty. Ethelbert Ouano

Tips on Writing a Quality Blog Post
Speaker: Jona Bering

"...when they backbite you, it's fun! The moment they stop, you've become irrelevant..." Mark Acebedo Lopez. #iBlogForCebu #CebuBloggingSummit #LiveMore #EnjoyGlobe

Using Blogs for Social Good
Speaker: Mike Acebedo Lopez

We also let the audience tweet us their questions about our topics since we can’t entertain everyone’s question during the open forum. And surely, some may be hesitant and too shy to stand up and ask the questions. So it was a pretty good idea since we do get a lot of tweets and friend requests, they’re not all questions but there are also some who are really kind and sweet to send their big thanks for organizing an event like this.

For those who were not able to come due to some priorities, no worries. We have lots of events coming in and many plans and meet ups that we’d love to have you come.

Cebu Blogging Summit 2014
Organizers and Volunteers
I would like to grab this chance to send my big thanks to all businesses, companies and business owners who supported us all bloggers. ‘Till next time!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Facebook Comments Got Some Stickers!

Facebook Comments Got Some Stickers
I’ve been slowly teaching my Mama on using Facebook since it’s been really useful for me and my whole family these past months – since we bought our Mama her own tablet. It’s now our main way to communicate, joke around, bond and update (mostly tease and make fun of) each other.

I just taught my Mama how to use the stickers yesterday on using the stickers since she now knows and do use “LOL” and “OMG” – which is cute for a 60 years old woman to use.

Facebook Comments Got Some Stickers

Today, I noticed that the Facebook stickers are now available and can be used on Facebook comments!

Facebook Comments Got Some Stickers

I’ve read my friend’s status and I noticed that the same options when typing a private message (PM) on Facebook got similar features. They’ve added the option to upload a photo on the comments section few months back – or it was just few months ago that I noticed it – and it’s a lot cooler that the stickers can now be used on comments since I really love the Tuzki stickers because he’s cute and he can move.
Is this a call for Facebook stickers makers to make more stickers? Please do make more stickers that can move! Please, pretty please!?