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Hi there! My name is Gay Aida Dumaguing, you can call me Gay or Gigi (my nickname) - just don't call me Aida because that would be my Mama. I'm a 27 years old experienced SEO specialist and social media manager, born and raise in the Philippines, working online since 2009 as a freelancer based in Cebu Philippines.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3 Quotable Quotes at the Global Voices Summit 2015

3 Quotable Quotes at the Global Voices Summit 2015 Gay Aida Dumaguing Travel Lifestyle Food Blogger SEO Specialist
January 24, 2015 – I attended the first day of the Global Voices Summit 2015 that only (as I understand) happens every after 4 years. I only have three (3) quotable quotes to share with you, I wish I had more but there are a lot of quotable quotes that keeps on coming in. Great knowledge and priceless inspiring words and motivation are being shared from different speakers from around the world. I was focus more on listening to them and learning from these inspiring people, and wasn’t able to keep up in writing the exact words used – since it’s important to have what they did exactly say.

Anyway, let me share with you the quotes that I can’t just forget. Quotes that got my attention and that inspired me on my plans with myself, my career, and my blogs of course.

Al Alegre

If you're not paying for any product, you're the product.  - Al Alegre

In this quote Mr. Al Alegre talks about the open internet, and tells everyone why there are FREE products, and that’s because we are the product.

We shouldn't be shy to promote ourselves Mohamed ElGohary

There are parallel sessions, and I really have to choose and listen to people like ElGohary who talks about funding.

Mohamed ElGohary points out, that we should not be shy to promote ourselves or even what we do. For me, this does not only apply for funding, but also applies in finding a job (you shouldn’t be shy to tell the interviewer what you’ve got, sell yourself – as my Daddy told me way back then when I was job hunting), and it also applies with my blogging (since I’m usually shy in telling people that I do blog, and I blog here and here, and got recognized. They usually have to ask).

I believe there are a lot of other situations that we can make use and keep this quote in mind.

If you have something (that) works, funders will come to you. - Niels ten Oever

I have to say, I like Niels. He was funny and he have a lot to share, if only we have more time I think we could’ve learned more from him.
Niels ten Oever
Right away, he introduced himself and told us “Hi I’m Niels, and I’m a funding addict.”

Well, that’s a great addiction.

Anyway, Niels quote is also applicable not only to funding but to other situations in life. As of me, if you’re doing great with your job (that is if I’m performing well in my SEO services), clients will come to me – and yes they do! That’s the same with blogging, I’ve been getting a lot of event invites lately and a lot of opportunities as a blogger.

I felt like I’ve traveled the other side of the world when I attended the event, since there are a lot of people from the different parts of the world who are experienced and inspiring in their works who came to Cebu and share their stories and inspiring words with us.

The details I’ve shared with you might not be enough, so great news is that Sunstar Cebu covered the event (we were actually LIVE – via live stream) that day so I was able to grab this playlist from Global Voices Summit 2015 website and here, I’ll share it with you guys.

Enjoy and find me! LOL.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Hourly vs. Package – What to Avail?

Hourly vs Package What to Avail
It’s that time of the year again when most of the entrepreneurs do outsourcing here in the Philippines. I’ve been contacted by a couple of business owners these past weeks, and a number of them was first timers in outsourcing jobs here in the country.

So today, let me share with you the difference between hiring an employee hourly or just avail a package. Hopefully, through this blog post it will be helpful for you in deciding which one to get and clarify what to expect.


My first job was an internet researcher, and they pay me hourly so they do micromanagement. They use this software (totally forgot the name of the software, since it was almost 5 years ago) that records your number of hours worked, what time you started, what time you ended, and take screenshots of the during the working hours. Plus, we have to go online on our Yahoo Messenger account, and turn on our cameras while we’re working.

So pretty much, we were like this if you imagine it though the company I was working for was thousands of miles away.


It was back then, I’m not sure these days how employers do micromanagement since I don’t accept hourly jobs anymore for years. But I’ve tried with the employer once, they don’t use the software similar to what I’ve used before, but they want me to record (through Google Spreadsheet) everything I’ve done within the hour, every hour. I’ve also heard from friends who works online that they use Odesk where it also take screenshots and records the number of hours worked. And usually, employers who do micromanagement do have working hours.

So, when you want to know what your employees are doing on the working hours, that they do what they need to do during the hours that you’re paying, it’s best to hire someone hourly especially if you only have a budget for an hourly job.


Usually, companies have the packages but I do prefer this one since I’d rather work flexible, with no tracker since adding another software to run in my computer may just cause my computer to run slow. I open a lot of browser windows and tabs, plus some browser plugins.

In a package, you’ll be provided what’s included in the service, what is done, what to expect from it, just like what I’ve stated and done with my SEO service package. In my case, I can work anytime and anywhere – which is really cool.

Working for 4 years online, most of the clients I had prefer to have a monthly report since I usually report directly to the business owner. Some also like biweekly reports (reports every 15 and then the end of the month report), and some also requests for a weekly report. You may request for a daily report from your employees if you wish.

Usually, the ones with a package already know what’s best, and that is why they’re able to create a package. Therefore, it’s most likely a quality work.


If you want to make sure that your employees oversees do what they need to do, want to know what they’re doing, and value QUANTITY over QUALITY it’s best that you go ahead and hire someone hourly.

But then, if you prefer to leave it all to the expert or someone who specialize and good of the job, don’t like to micromanage and rather focus more on developing and working more on the area of your business wherein you’re good at, and value QUALITY over QUANTITY then it’s okay for you to for the package.

Friday, January 30, 2015

2015 SEO and Social Media Management Package for Locals

2015 SEO and Social Media Management Package

It’s that time of the year again when everyone wants to change something with their life, and most business owners find some new ways to improve their business marketing campaigns. Well, if you’re a business owner based in Cebu that would love to try out on marketing their business online then great news! I have the two (2) combos in a package that you might want to check out.

Please take note that these packages are only available for Cebu based business owners. If you’re outside Cebu but within the Philippines, you can send me an email and if you’re really serious in marketing your business online and taking advantage of these packages, then do please contact me and I’ll fly out there. If you’re outside the Philippines, sorry these packages are only for Philippine based businesses since it includes a contract.

Anyway here are the packages.

Full-Time Services

Full-Time Service
6 Months
1 Year
SEO Service
Social Media Management
Both Service

I’ll be working for your business 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. You can just go for the SEO service, or just the Social Media Management (SMM), but if you want both you can go a lot cheaper. Please take note that this involves a 6 months and a 1 year contract, that’s why I can offer it a bit cheaper if you have the service longer.

The rate above is PER MONTH, for the dates covered by the contract (6 months or 1 year).

Part-Time Services

Part-Time Service
6 Months
1 Year
SEO Service
Social Media Management

For those who are in a budget, you may want to take a look at the rates for the services above. It’s still best to include and take advantage of the social media, since it’s also another great way to reach out and keep your happy customers updated with what you have to offer.

It’s still the same, it involves a contract of 6 months to a year contract.

What’s included in the full-time SEO service and Social Media Management service? To be able to compare the benefits of hiring and full-time services, here’s a comparison table where it states on what is included in the service.

SEO Service
Website/Onsite Optimization
Offsite Optimization
Link Building
100 links/m
200 links/m
Social Bookmarking, Directory, Article, Web 2.0

Forum, Edu/Gov, Wiki, Social Network
Press Release, RSS, Comments
Article Posted on the Website
Biweekly Report

Monthly Report

Social Media Management Service
Social Media Management



Social Engagement

Daily Posts and Updates
Biweekly Report
Monthly Report

/m = per month
x/d = times per day

* For restaurant owners it’s best to have the full-time social media management, so we could post an update on your daily specials.
* For website owners, it’s best to go for the full-time SEO service but if you’re in a budget and have a smaller market the part-time is enough for the meantime. But please do take note that depending on the competition it may take time to rank, gain traffic, and get ROI.

Why Hire Me?

I’ve been working as a SEO specialist for 4 years and 4 months now, no banned and penalized sites. Even though I am a freelance, I do make sure that I am capable and able to deliver my part. I love my client’s websites, and I treat it like as if it’s my own. So, I do really try my best to give my best to the project.

For the social media part, I’m now a Hootsuite Ambassador ad a Hootsuite Certified. If you haven’t heard about Hootsuite, it’s one of the most favorite tools of social media managers these days and yes we do use it for social media. Almost everything is there already, and I’ve got the access and the perks and learning more, and applying what I’ve learned from the best experts in the Hootsuite community (mostly from Canada and USA) to your business social media accounts.

Please take note that this special offer is only valid and open until February 28, 2015 only. For interested business owners, please fill out the form below and I'll contact you as soon as I can.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

5 Reasons Why I’m a Freelance SEO Specialist

I’ve turned 4 last year as a SEO specialist, and as someone who’s working this long in a field it can also mean that I’m at least good at it – well, as far as I know. With that, there have been a number of companies here in the Philippines sending me an email an offering me a position in their company. Mostly, they’re supervisor, team lead, manager level positions but I was not interested – yeap, I’m not at all, the name is just attractive not the job itself (LOL).

Anyway, I’ve been offered jobs in Manila too (so I have to move from Cebu to Manila for that) but then again I’ve rejected it. Many people wonder why, it’s a great opportunity I know but why am I not interested at all?

That’s mainly because I prefer to work freelance – meaning not working exclusively for someone, or for a company.

Let me share with you my five (5) reasons why I’d prefer a freelance job, than a job with a high position and a huge salary.

Work Anywhere and Anytime

Most of the freelancers can work anywhere, and anytime, but some clients online are micromanagers. As for me, I prefer to work flexible. Not only because of the 9-5 work, but also because I have an insomnia and I’m trying to get rid of it. There are also times that I work at night, so I wake up late. Most of the times too, my mind works a lot way better late in the afternoon or at night.

Plus, I’m a traveler. I’m one of the WithLocals Ambassador here in the Philippines, so I have to go somewhere from time to time. And being able to work anytime and anywhere, I can cover the hours that I wasn’t able to work. Plus, this can help avoid SEO patterns too (since I work in different hours).

Different Clients = Different Niche 

As someone who offer a SEO service, you get a lot of inquiries by different business owners. It’s sometimes a disadvantage on not having an experience on a certain niche or market of a business. Having an experience on that, is a huge advantage it can make things a lot easier since you most likely know what are your audience. And being able to have and try different market and different business niche, is really great and a plus.

More Clients, Great Portfolio

Well, of course if you’ll got different clients, you can also get more clients. Having said that you’ll get clients on different business niche, and a number of clients, can totally help with your portfolio. Some clients who wish to hire someone are attracted to someone’s portfolio, this can totally be a plus for you – especially as someone who works online.

This is why designers (graphic designers, web designers, etc.), and SEO specialists like me like being a freelance.

Drop Anytime

The disadvantages of working online, is that you may get fired anytime. Even if you do sign a contract with the employer, which can really still be useless since we’re both from different countries and its quiet a waste to go to that country if you only wish to get paid.

But then, not all employers does not follow the contract. Most of the employers whom I have a contract with did worked with me for that specific months/years that the contract is valid. But then, there are jobs online wherein employers does not have a contract, you can totally get fired anytime. It’s unstable.

More Clients, Better Income (and more source of Income)

Having said above, and that the employer can fire you anytime it’s not wise to work for someone exclusively. A lot of client do ask me for this, but really, it’s not wise at all. It’s an unstable job, and having no income in a snap can kill online workers like me. It’s hard to replace a client and find another job – it’s a competitive market online, especially with the hiring process.

Also, some clients wants someone really cheap, they pay low and offer low salaries. P10,000 (around $250) won't get us much and just enough to pay bills. Yes, Philippines is cheap but not that cheap - FYI.

So, I really appreciate the clients that I have now as a freelance SEO specialist and the clients who are open for freelancers like me.

But please take note, that being able to work as a freelance needs a self-discipline. Some people can’t just control themselves but if you can, why not be a freelancer, right? Still, it can be sometimes hard to find a client who’s okay with working someone for a freelance, especially if it’s a direct client. But if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find some opportunities on oDesk, Freelancer, and similar platforms.