How Vaping Earned its Place in Popular Culture?

Although it's all the rage in this age, it may be difficult to imagine living in a time in which vaping wasn't a thing. Nevertheless, just a decade ago, there was hardly any mention of the word at all. Introduced in 2007, the vaping trend emerged onto the scene as a great alternative to smoking tobacco, cannabis, and other substances.

 Now a $4-billion-dollar business, although many clearly have taken to this trend as a way of life, it is important to remember where it came from in order to predict the trends of the future. The following is a closer look at the vaping trend and how it earned its place in popular culture.

How Vaping Earned its Place in Popular Culture

Smoking Bans

In addition to that, bans on indoor smoking all over the country (and world) set the stage for the popularity of vaping as a trend. Given that most businesses in many areas no longer allow people to smoke in or even around their premises, it makes sense that vaping would become a trend.

In addition to that, given that the smoking of cannabis is strictly prohibited in most public places, using a vaporizer is a great option for smoking more subtly in public.

Health Matters 

Moreover, one of the top reasons that vaporizers and e-cigarettes are being used to replace the status quo is that there are numerous health concerns associated with smoking substances of all kinds. For instance, lung cancer, adversely affecting one's hearts and arteries, in addition to other side effects, are commonly associated with smoking tobacco.

Although vaping may also have some side effects, they are said to be far less severe than those associated with smoking. If you are looking to buy and want to be more informed first, there are numerous online resources available that will go over the best vape pens in 2017 and details about their usage.

Vaping in Pop-Culture

So, getting back to the why vaping is such a part of popular culture, that is a loaded question. On the one hand, vaping was essentially created to meet the demands of those who wanted to be able to smoke in public places that have banned smoking. In addition to that, the large number of health concerns associated with smoking was enough to compel us as a society to create alternatives to smoking.

But in addition to that, just like with regular cigarettes in the past the use of vaporizers of all kinds by well-known actors and entertainers has solidified its place in pop culture. For instance, there's a notorious picture of acting heavyweight Leonardo DiCaprio using an e-cigarette at the SAG Awards. In addition to that, Johnny Depp uses one in the movie, "The Tourist". Moreover, other celebs who have been connected to the vaping trend are the likes of Drake, John Cusack, Jack Black, Lilly Allen and much more.

We as a society are regularly guilty of following in the footsteps of those we look up to, in order to achieve a similar status or image. So, if we see celebrities doing something, it’s going to persuade us to do it too (whether consciously or subconsciously).

Overall, because of the array of side effects that are associated with smoking and the fact that people are looking for healthier methods of ingesting substances, it is doubtful that there will be a mass exodus back to the old methods of doing things.

 Given that cigarettes managed to remain one of the tops drugs of choice for over a century despite the stated side effects, it only makes sense that something that is much healthier would continue to increase in popularity.

Either way, it appears that this so-called trend is here to stay. Given that a whole new generation of people have taken this as a go-to method for inhaling dry herb/tobacco, it is highly doubtful that anyone will be able to phase this massive trend out any time soon.

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