A Long Distance Relationship … with my Niece

January 4, 2016 – a new member of the family was born, and her name is Mia. Finally, my older sister was able to have her first baby. Sadly, we were not there for her, during her pregnancy, and the delivery of the baby. We did want to but getting a visa and the ticket itself to the US are just too d**n expensive.

To be honest, I did plan to go there and apply for a visa. That’s why I renewed my passport after about 20 years. But then when I found out the expenses and of course there’s no guarantee that you’ll be approved by the US embassy for entry, I’d rather have my sister come home.

I saw my niece growing up on Facebook, on Facebook itself, and the messenger – through photos, videos, and video chat.

In her few months, I felt like she’s fond of me. She ran to her mom when she hears my voice when my sister calls me. She smiles when she see me, she even laugh at me. She even fall asleep when she hears my mom’s (her grandma) voice.

But growing up, she develops this “shy”-ness attitude. My sister didn’t call much anymore due to both of our busy schedules, and she’s not also shy to me. Just stare at me the whole time. Not as eager as before to look at me and talk.

She’s a year old by now, and she chase ducks, eat sands, walk while looking at her feet, and try to sound words already – even (trying to) sing the ABC song.

There’s like a 50/50 chance they’re coming home this year. Then again it’s just 50/50. I just want to see this kid in person, hold her, and be able to finally kiss her. I think I feel this way because she’s the only niece that I have that is not close to me that I was not there since she’s a tiny baby.
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Look at my other niece, the daughters of my brothers. When we’re together, all three are clinging on to me. They want me to sit in the middle, because they want to sit beside me. They want me with them at the mall (because I buy them stuff), and to the beach (because they said I can swim – but I really can’t).

One of the things I want to test out from Mia is will she stare at me when we meet? Her mother and I have a lot of similarities – yuck! From our face features to our voice. But of course it will be obvious to her who’s her mom, I’m fatter than her mom. So, duh!? I’ll surely share with you her reaction when I finally meet her.

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