Beachbody’s Turbo Jam Review – Boo or Yay?

Turbo Jam Review
I’ve mentioned that I’d love to share My Fitness Journey with you guys, and I’ve actually started this year’s journey - well actually this time (that I attempt to lose weight) - with Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Jam and this post is all about my Turbo Jam review. Which I did for just 2 months and if you want to find out how I was doing, was I successful or is it a great buy for you, then read on!

My Decision to Lose Weight

On April 29, 2014, I was out with my older sister and my Mama eating at a restaurant in Lapu-Lapu City, specifically in Tamiya. We’ve been wanting to try out this restaurant, and we actually enjoyed it. So, sister and I were taking pictures of the place because we both love sharing it on our social media accounts.

We did not just take pictures of the place, we also took a picture of us and my sister also took a picture of me.

Turbo Jam Results and Review

Yes, that’s the photo that I was really disgusted of myself. That this (being fat) is way too much and I must do something to at least lessen it. That’s when I decided to do a workout.

Gym vs Workout Video

At first I thought, it can be any workout. It can be at the gym, but it’s way too expensive for me, too much time consuming (since I have to travel at least 30 minutes, and there might be times that I must wait for a transpo – can take time) and I have a client to take care of. I wanted something that, when I’m doing working out I’m able to continue with the things I needed to do right away.

And my other option is the workout videos, and one of the exercise videos I know of is of course the Beachbody’s Turbo Jam by Chalene Johnson. Yes, I’ve tried Turbo Jam before this and I was pretty successful with it but because my workout buddy is our house helper, when she left I didn’t like working out anymore. So I stopped.

That’s why this time around, I told myself that I must not depend on anyone else but just me. That I must push myself to my limit if I really want to do this, end that feeling of being ashamed and disgusted to myself.

The Turbo Jam Schedule

I saw other workout sheets of Turbo Jam online, but this is the one that I followed.

Turbo Jam Workout Schedule

At first, I tried the Maximum Results schedule since it has the introduction videos, wherein Chalene Johnson will give you tips and show you how to do it right to avoid injuries and get the best results out of the fitness program.

On the second month, I tried the Fat Burning Elite schedule which I really love because there’s this workout where I felt more like I’m partying but I’m taking a shower with my sweat at the same time plus catching my breath.

The Turbo Jam Workout

First, let me say, I like it. Every step that you do, Chalene Johnson teach and remind you the correct position and the right way to do it – to again avoid injuries.

I was really interested in trying out the Turbo Jam because it is a bit mixed of a martial art or maybe it was boxing (kickboxing?), sports like activities (like being an athlete, running in place), dancing and more. That’s what I love about it, because I was pretty sure that it will be fun and fun to do, a workout that I would love to wake up to.

So the workout involves kicking, punching, jumping (but optional), cardio, yoga (I think it was yoga) and again dancing. It’ very beginner friendly, if you think you can’t do the high impact one you can totally follow Mindy, the girl doing the low impact. But do try to push yourself to do the high impact because you’ll really feel good after the workout.

As for the length of the workouts, at the first week you’ll do at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days but there’s also a 20 minute full body workout. The next week(s) of workouts can be about 40 minutes, so it’s progressing. It’s slowly increasing your stamina which is good, so your body won’t be in shock of doing long workouts and the exercises are easy and doable – even for me, an overweight.

Turbo Jam Review – Boo or Yay?

I am not a Beachbody coach, so I don’t make money if I’ll lie but there’s no need to lie because I’m very happy with the truth.

I was just able to do Turbo Jam for 2 months (The Maximum Results and Fat Burning Elite schedule) because my body seems to want more. Probably because I’m all hyped and warmed up with Turbo Jam, and conditioned that my body seems to start to feel bored with the workouts.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing. It’s a good thing. I was not active for a year (or maybe since I was a teenager), that’s why I’m overweight – or become more overweight, obese. I prefer working with my brain not my body for those years and this time around, my body is hungry for something more hard, more challenging when before my body is complaining when I have to get something in the other room, too lazy. And now that my body is like this, hungry, I give credit all to it to Turbo Jam.

Does it work? Did I lose weight? I’ll let you decide with my before and after photo.

Turbo Jam Results and Review

April 29, 2014 (before) - July 8, 2014 (after)

That is in 2 months of workout, that’s my result. I’m still overweight, fatty, but much better than before. Please do note that I didn't do any diet plan, I eat what I want but I try to control it that I don't eat too much but if I do, I'll really push to do the high impact.

Now, I was able to wear my clothes without seeing my love handles first when I should see my toes. I’m also a bit more confident when going out and don’t mind or think about my bulging love handles. It’s still there but it’s not that huge anymore. How huge is it before? Well, to just give you an idea, people think I’m pregnant but I’m a 27 years old single woman, no boyfriend and no husband so it hurts when people think I’m pregnant – and some people think I’m still 20 years old.

I know, there’s more work needed to be done. That’s why I leveled it up and I am now with Shaun T’s Focus T25 which is still under Beachbody, and is pretty good too – it’s just what my body is looking for, challenge!

Let’s go back with my Turbo Jam review, is it a BOO or a YEY?

It’s totally a YEY! Think about it, I’m mostly doing the low impact but I do try to push myself from time to time to do the high impact. And I got that result. Looking for the measurements? I know, I didn’t give you how many inches, how many pounds I lose and that is because I didn’t want to measure. Why? Because I get discourage sometimes if I didn’t lose weight and the more if I gain weight, I just want to go out there and workout and give my body an exercise,without giving an opportunity to my brain to give me a reason to stop.

Turbo Jam: Calorie-Blasting Cardio, Kickboxing, Body-Sculpting Workout DVD Program

Turbo Jam is ideal for people like me who wants to introduce their body in working out, if this is your first time then go ahead and try it out. It’s a beginner friendly workout, it looks easy but it actually works. At first, I just watched the videos and say “I can totally do that high impact all to the end” but when you keep on doing it, it gives you this great effect on your body and that is losing weight.

What I love about it is that Chalene Johnson do say something that makes you say “She’s right, let’s do this!” when you want to give up. I love it too when she gives tips on how to do it right, because right now while doing Focus T25, I experience some pain that I would say an injury, and that is on my ankle but I was able to find a tip to give it an ease and be able to continue with the workout.

I think this is too long already, so I hope you like my review and was (at least) able to inspire you –even at least a bit. I’m continuing my fitness journey with Focus T25 so watch out and I’ll update you guys with my 1 month or 5 weeks result of the workout, just to motivate myself and keep my track on the record – and maybe inspire some.

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