The Story Behind my Cartoon Shirts

If you’ve seen me in person, met me a number of times, or even observe my photos on my Instagram or watched my vlog on YouTube, you’ll notice that I’m wearing mostly cartoon shirts. It can be a DC Comics super heroes, latest movies, Disney heroes, Nickelodeon characters (e.g. Spongebob), or Marvel heroes.

I’ve got the feeling that people thinks I’m a diehard fan of these cartoons, or maybe find me immature or a girl with no fashion sense at all by wearing these type of shirts. I have no fashion sense, I totally agree with that and probably still immature, but I’m not a diehard fan of these cartoon characters. It’s just that I have some reasons why I do choose to wear these shirts.

100% Cotton

Way back years ago when I was still in college, I have to visit again my derma because I’ve got these itchy bumps on my hips that my anti-allergy medication does not work – I have eczema, that’s why I have the medication.

There can be other reasons why I have that bumps, but my derma told me that I need my clothes to be 100% cotton.

I’m not really familiar with the brands, I don’t like to choose a shirt then finding out it’s not 100% cotton just waste my time. So since these shirts are surely 100% cotton, I stick to it since then – especially the Nickelodeon shirts.

Attracted to the Design

The Story Behind my Cartoon Shirts SM Department Store DC Comics Superman Cebu Philippines Blogger
Who doesn’t like the “S” (Superman) sign on their chest? Or the “W” (Wonderwoman), or that thunderbolt. Plus those cute and funny characters like Spongebob? I think that’s why some kids looks at me too when they see me and then whisper to their Mom – maybe saying I also want that shirt.

Girl’s Shirts Looks Boring and Expensive

Yes, I’m actually attracted to men’s shirt designs than the girly shirts. Flowers? Tiny flowers on the shirt and charges double because of the brand? I’d rather buy a shirt on a thrift shop then.

I can’t Afford it Before and Swear to Have it

When I was little I don’t dream of these kind of shirts. I live in a province and whatever my Mama buy me, I just wear it, I just care about toys, bikes, boy toys, and cool stuff that my friends don’t have.

But when I was in college, live in a city, have this access to a number of stuff, it makes me want to have these kind of shirts especially that I used to live in a place where these kind of shirts are either imitation or limited and expensive. But in college my parents just send me enough money for school and daily expenses, can’t afford these P200-P400 shirts and swear to myself that when I get a job that pays well, I’ll buy what I need and want.

Shirt and Short/Pants is my Fashion

Call it boring or not fashion at all, I don’t care. But just give me a shirt and short, I’m good. As long as I look presentable and I feel comfortable, I’m good.

So yeah, being a fan of it has no connection. Just the fact that I watch their series (not the cartoon ones) or watched their movies, and most importantly the comfort it gives me.

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