Aida Brillante – Rice and an Answered Prayer

One of the reasons why I started to separate the SEO specialist side of me and the personal side in a blog is that being able to share stories with everyone.

When there’s something funny that my Mama do I usually share it on Facebook, and my friends (especially Mary) told me to create a fan page for my Mama since she’s a really funny Mom. Well, it will all start here.

The Aida Brillante Series

The Aida Brillante will be the series here in the blog, sharing true experiences, stories, and inspirational stuff from my Mama. And yes, you’ll be reading the first episode and we do hope you’ll like it.

The series will be written just like how my Mama tells it to me. So notice the quote, it’s how she tells the story, especially with today’s episode.

Episode 1: Rice and an Answered Prayer

My grandma told me to buy 5 gantas (1 ganta = 2.5 kilos) of rice. She said that I should buy the rice that is placed on the 4th column of the first row when I entered the store. We don’t use names before for the rice, and I think I was too young back then to know the name of the rice (if there’s one).

But then, I saw this biscuit named “lucky biscuit” and I like that biscuit so much, and way back then I don’t get to have snacks.

Then there’s a cheaper rice available, they look the same with the rice that my Lola wants me to buy but it’s just cheaper and if I buy that rice, I can buy the biscuit that was just for 15 cents. So I bought the cheaper rice, a biscuit, and the Royal orange but I made sure that the change will be the same if I’ll buy the rice that my Lola wants me to buy.

Aida Brillante – Rice and an Answered Prayer
So I ate, had my snacks, and walk back home with the rice I bought. I can totally carry that 5 gantas of rice because I’m full already and strong, I just got my snack!

At home, my Lola was there at the kitchen, and I said “Oh, la! Here you go! Here’s the rice.” She then came to me, checked the rice and said “this is not the rice! No! Oh! You should return this rice, and tell them you got the wrong one. It’s not the one I told you to buy. Go back there and have the rice replaced with the right one!”

In my thoughts, I don’t know what to do. I already spent the money for the biscuit and royal orange.

So I carry the rice again, walk back to the store slowly, and on my way I'm thinking on what to do about this.

While I was walking, I prayed and told God “Oh God! Please help me! I don’t know what to do. Oh God! I’ll get a strike on the butt for this if I tell Lola the truth. Oh God! Oh God!” And I kept on praying.

I was so stressed and tired of walking, and I saw this tamarind tree. So I sat down under the tree to think on what to do with this. I can’t just return to the store and have this replaced, I spent the money already. I don’t know what to tell the store if I go back there and have this replaced.

So, I prayed there and asked God to help me.

After few minutes, I decided to tell Lola the truth. I know I’ll get a strike on the butt for this, but I can’t think of any other solution. I’ll accept the punishment for what I did.

So, I walked back home and kept on praying that God will still help me that I will not get a slap for this or be punished. I just kept on praying until I got home.

When I arrived, I put the rice, and took a deep breathe because I was so tired too, stressed, and nervous on admitting to my Lola on what I did.

Lola saw me, so she go to the rice, opened it, checked it, and said “Oh! This is the rice that I was talking about!”

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  1. OMG Gay! Hahaha! I used to do this back when I was in elementary and high school! My grandma would make me go to the supermarket to buy our weekly consumption and I would buy the cheaper brand of rice so I will have extra money! Hahahaha! Naka katawa ko kai naka relate ko doh! Brought back memories hehehe More please!!!


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