5 Unforgettable Funny Quotes of Joan Rivers

To be honest, I didn’t know who Joan Rivers is until today that her death is trending on Twitter. Yes, I was curious and looked her up since obviously a lot of people really love her.

After looking her up, I realized then that she’s the person behind one of my favorite quotes.

Anyway, for everyone who loved her and now missing her, I know how painful it is to lose someone you love so much and I do believe that they don’t want to see us drowning ourselves in pain. So I’ve looked up some hilarious quotes of Joan Rivers that will hopefully make you laugh and remember what kind of a great woman she is.

Well, to her fans, friends and loved ones the quotes above probably will make them cry more (that’s how I felt when I try to recall happy moments with my Daddy) but as funny as she is, surely she don’t want us crying. Well, except for Meryl Streep.

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