80 Things to Do Before I Die

80 Things to Do Before I Die
Hey there! First off, let me just say that I have no death  wish (yet) but this will be just simply my list to remind me of things I want to do before I stop breathing.

My life have been boring for a long time, at first I’m so focused with my studies then after I finished my degree I was then so focus with work, making money, getting experience, learning more, etc. So to remind
myself that there’s life and there are things that need to be done outside the box.

The list might be a bit weird, funny, and selfish for you but yeah, it’s in my list. I’ve also categorized it just in case you’re more interested on the categories that I have. And they are….


  1. I think I was 10 years old the last time I’ve been to Manila that was when we’re board to Hong Kong. I’m 26 now, turning 27 this June. Surely, there are a lot of changes already there and a lot of places to visit, and I want to discover Manila again.

  2. I never been to Baguio and since it’s one of the coldest places here in the Philippines, I would really love to be there.

  3. Time traveling at Vigan, Ilocos Norte. I just love to see what it looks like before. 

  4. Experience Boracay. Yeah, kill me. I’ve grown up here and I’ve never been to Boracay. I hate myself for that.

  5. Connect with nature at Palawan. I just so love to see Palawan, love how nature can take your breath away – even through photos what more if you’ll see in person.

  6. Be at the top in the Philippines, at Batanes. I’ve first seen an insider from Sports Unlimited and it seems to be a great place to bike and get the fresh air.

  7. I just love the structures and how romantic Italy is, and it’s one of the reasons I want to be there and experience the Italian life. Plus I want to try the Italian foods, because I’m a pasta lover but I think it would be great to be with someone special there, right?

  8. Who doesn’t want to see the Eiffel tower in Paris, France? I just love structures and that’s why I appreciate the L'Arc de Triomphe. I also love the language and how they speak, it sounds romantic already. 

  9. There’s something with Princess Diana why I feel so connected with her. I was still young when she died and by reading books about her since I was little and watching the news, I think that’s why I want to visit England too, and of course see the castle and maybe meet the queen, prince and the princess (even just far).

  10. I think almost every Filipino wants to be in the US, or at least visit (like me). I want to see the tall buildings in New York, the white house in Washington D.C., surf in Hawaii, etc.

  11. Another country that I am so amazed because of the structures is Japan, especially their airport. Plus I’m a manga fan!

  12. A lot of my friends and classmates back in college are in Singapore, and because they have cheap gadgets and wonderful structures, I want to see that too.

  13. This TV advertisement song plays in my head when we talk about Malaysia, “Malaysia…truly asia…” and I want to know why they’re truly Asia, I want to understand that line. What’s best is that there are flights directly going to Malaysia so it’s a lot cheaper already.

  14. And because my other blog is Exotic Philippines, I would also love to see the land of exotic temples, cultures, and spicy food – India

  15. There are also a lot of great tourist spots in Thailand, and my parents have been there years ago. I want to see the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, and of course ride the elephant.

  16. My father used to work at Saudi Arabia, he sends letter every now and then to us before and photos. We still got his photos, so I would love to visit the place where my father spent years at.

  17. My sister was able to stay in Australia for months, and she said Australia is one of the peaceful and healthy living places in the planet. I want to see Kangaroos too, so hopefully I’ll be able to go there.

  18. The movie Rio makes me want to go to Brazil. It’s not that I want to party or so, but it also has a great environment like the Amazon rainforest and oh, the Rio Carnival would be great to watch!

  19. I don’t know which Disneyland I should go, but I want Disneyland. Yeah, I want to meet the Disney princesses.

  20. It all started in playing the game and watching the cartoon Hercules, my sister explained to be who he is, and the beliefs of the people from Greece, so it totally makes me want to go there.

  21. Sadly, most of the people in China hates us Filipinos, but sorry Chinese people I’m so curious about your tradition, lifestyle and even your martial arts that I want to even learn your language and visit your land.

  22. There are a lot of movies and stories that are in Scotland, I think there are still castles there and I want to visit at least one of the castles in this world. There’s that little girl in me, that princess wanna be. And as a Harry Potter fan, the scenes took in Scotland is a must visit!

  23. I’m not a fan of beer, so I’m not into Germany’s Oktoberfest but would really love to see the scenic places of the country, go on a river cruise, try their carnival, and of course try their food.

  24. What can I say? There are a lot of must visits in Russia too. From the Patriarshy Prudiy, Golden Apple, The Moscow metro, Stalin's skyscrapers, and of course a picture outside St Basil's Cathedral (with or without someone – because couples usually take a photo there).

  25. One of the reasons (I think) I’m curious about Spain is that they’ve took over our country once upon a time – for hundreds of years. So I want to conquer their country too by being a tourist. Be in the sandy Mediterranean beach, watch the Lago Martianez , stay at their beautiful and homey houses, grab some free food, eat grilled foods on an active volcano, and oh! Don’t forget the La Tomatina festival – looks like fun, right?

  26. My parents were in an Asian cruise way back when they’re younger. Just the two of them, and basing on the experience that they have and my Mama keeps on telling us about it, I want to try it too. Any cruise will do, as long as I get to experience it.

  27. One of the reasons that I want to visit New Zealand is the chance to visit Hobbiton, and aside from that since I love adventure, surely Queenstown is a great place to be adventurous. 

  28. We have Boracay here, and it seems Bora Bora is another great island to stop by and relax, be under the tropical sun!

  29. I think another great place to learn how to place is Costa Rica, and there seems to be a lot of activities and local destinations that is a must visit there and a must discover. 

  30. Another country that I would love to visit one day is Indonesia, well I’ve heard about Bali a lot of times and how beautiful it is so I just want to experience it too and see if it’s really that good.


  1. I never own yet an Apple product. An iPhone will do for me.

  2. A tablet will be very useful for me, especially in client meetings and of course on the road. Would love to have an iPad but it’s another expensive thing, but any brand but a good tablet will do. The Nexus will also do for me, saince its lot cheaper compared to the iPad.

  3. My Acer laptop will surely retire soon, and so far I never have a laptop that could last at least a year. Give me a durable, fast and good laptop, and I’ll love you like forever.

  4. An underwater camera is one of the dream cameras that I would like to have one day. Because I want to swim underwater and see the beauty of it, with the waterproof camera it will surely be a great gadget.

  5. I do borrow my brother’s DSLR from time to time which is hard sometimes since I have to go to his place, ask permission, and sometimes he doesn’t allow me to bring it somewhere. A DSLR could be really useful for me, from blogging, managing client’s social media accounts, and improve my photography skills.

  6. When my older sister Rotchie got married, I’ve dared to walk down the aisle with the camera (using Sony Bloggie) and I did. But a Google glass will surely make my day and easier for me to capture moments. Plus I love its other features as well.

  7. As a blogger and as a person who loves taking pictures, moments, views, I need an external HD. A good and durable one. 

  8. I’m a person who wants to learn a lot of things, and one of the things that I want to improve my skills at is animation. I’ve wanted to buy the animation software by Reallusion, the Crazy Talk.

  9. I’m sure you’ve seen the Segway. Jackie Chan have it and it looks like pretty cool to ride on, and some people think it’s for lazy people – lazy to walk.

  10. Diabetic and High blood pressure is in our family – or within our family. So having a digital blood pressure reader will be pretty useful not only for me but my Mama too!


  1. Losing weight is obviously on the top of my list. I’m fat most of my life, we’ll, comparing to me now I’m way smaller before but people tell me I’m huge. Like obese, and now I’m really obese.

  2. I’m a huge fan of Britney Spears since I’m 11, so imagine how it will be like for me to meet her in person. She’s performing in Vegas for 2 years starting last month, and I’ve got a year and few months to make money and buy a ticket.

  3. Just meet Britney Spears? How about watch a concert? Yeah, I’ve never been to a concert. NEVER! 

  4. Again, I have no death wish but I love extreme sports. And Skydiving will surely be one of the things I want to do someday. It’s scary, dangerous and there’s a 50/50 chance that you’ll come down alive but it’s totally exciting.

  5. When we were young, my siblings and I with our cousins climb the mountain behind their house. And I would love to climb the mountains again someday.

  6. As you might know, I never have snow – because we don’t have it here. I would really love to go skiing and enjoy the snow.

  7. In connection with the above, if I’m going to try skiing then better try snowboarding too right?

  8. There used to be an ice skating ring here in Cebu at SM mall but they removed it, I’ve already done roller blades when I was young and my Mom want me to stop because I almost died. So I would love to try at least once the ice skating someday.

  9. Since it’s my aim to go to these amazing diving spots in the country, I would really love to do scuba diving.

  10. I don’t just want to do scuba diving and I love playing with water, so why just stop there right? I would love to do a lot of water sports like water skiing, jet skiing, parasailing, skim boarding, wake boarding, etc.

  11. One of the things I want to do and really want to learn is surfing. I’ve seen a lot of girls that are really good in surfing, and seen videos on what they see from there and it seems it really feels good and looks good. I want to experience that.

  12. Have you heard about the yellow submarine here in Cebu? That will do, but a real huge submarine will be awesome but that's impossible unless I'll be a marine.

  13. It started when I was 10 years old at the Ocean Park Hong Kong, seeing these guys swimming with the dolphins and playing with them, makes me want to do it someday to. I just love animals!

  14. For you, the lion might be a scary huge cat. But for me, it looks like a huge cute cat. I know, most of the lions that are tamed are only tamed by its trainer, so a photo together would do but would love to cuddle with it.

  15. If I’ll be able to visit Saudi Arabia, I won’t miss riding the camel.

  16. Ride an elephant through the jungles of Thailand.

  17. I just don’t want to ride the animals, but I want to ride a helicopter too. 

  18. One of the things that my Daddy wants to do is watch the NBA in person, at court, and go wild together with the fans. So I want to do that in behalf of my Dad.

  19. Believe it or not, I don’t know how to drive a car. My Daddy died before he was able to teach me that. 

  20. Ever since I was a kid, I love watching the Formula One not sure if it's the one in Nascar, but I just love racing and the speed! I would love to ride and drive one day!

  21. Other than having the same birth date with Angelina Jolie, I would also love to learn how to fly a plane.

  22. ATV is one of the reasons why I went to Danasan Eco Park a year ago, but sadly when we were there the ATV is not available. I would love just to try it one day!

  23. It may already sound obvious for you, I love extreme stuff and that includes cliff diving. It might hurt, it might be scary but I would really love to do it.

  24. I love extreme stuff but bungee jumping might be one of the things I’ll think twice to do. I’ve even think twice a lot with the zip line, how much more with this. But yes, I’ll include it in my list.

  25. I’m a manga fan, and it will be pretty useful in watching these manga series when I get to learn the Japanese language.

  26. I only not find France a great place to visit, but I just love the way they speak, it sounds romantic already. And because I love learning new stuff, including languages learning French would be great!

  27. There used to be these deaf students in a restaurant that I used to eat and they’ve become my friends, and I want to understand them too so learning the sign language is a great use, not only for making friends but as a tourist too.

  28. Simply because Spain have been in our country for years, my grandmother on both sides seems to have a Spanish blood too, so I guess it would be great and just right to learn Spanish.

  29. Go up, up in away!.. In a hot-air balloon.

  30. Who doesn’t want to have your dream house, and I want to buy it one day.

  31. Fall in love, have a boyfriend/husband. I’m just saying OR because we can’t tell until where my life line is, so at least I could have a boyfriend.

  32. It’s my dream to work at Google, but I’m not sure if I’m equipped with the skills to work there. But visiting at least the office would be great for me!

  33. Who doesn’t want to be on TV? Or even better if it’s on a movie, so I think it would be fun to be a movie extra or maybe just go to the Ellen Show.

  34. Wing Chun is the martial art used by Bruce Lee and his famous master Yip Man. And this martial art is actually designed and meant for women like me, to take down men or anyone bigger and stronger than us. So I want to be like Bruce Lee. Hiyah!

  35. I can’t count how many dance movies I’ve watched, starting with the lambada movie that I watched and famous around 1992. And Tango is one of the dance style that I want to learn someday (when I’m thin), it looks hot, wild and sexy watching people dancing tango.

  36. Honestly, I tried. I really did try to learn how to play the guitar with the help of my friends who can play it well. They find my fingers fitting too since it can hold the strings right, but no matter what it always end up as an EPIC FAIL!

  37. I’ve already learned how to play the piano when I was 12, its part of the school music subject. But the thing is, no one follow up on it and haven’t really developed and improve my skills.

  38. Harp is one of the instruments that I really would love to learn how to play, I always imagine angels playing this instrument and I only see a number of people who’s playing it. When I was 14 my parents supposed to buy me one, but I couldn’t make the 3 months of free lessons so they didn’t buy it instead they gave me a bike.

  39. My father let me shoot his pistol (gun) when I was about 12 years old, and like him I love guns but as of now, let’s just go for an airsoft. Learning how to shoot a gun is for self-defense purpose and the airsoft is for fun and practice of course. 

  40. Call me ancient but I’m intrigued about archery, plus Robin Hood is really good at it so why not me? There’s an archery place here in Cebu but haven’t tried it yet but would love to someday.

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