Product Review: Couple Sunnies in Blue and Pink by Eye Know Right

May 2015 – I was in touch with Zalora Philippines, and they’ve offered me a GC from them where I can use to shop on their online store and buy any items I want, and since I was about to go on my trip to Coron and my current sunglasses that time is like good for nothing, and it’s summer season and the sun light is just too bright to handle for my eyes. So, I decided to use it to buy my own pair of sunglasses.

I don't go out much here in Cebu since I'm usually busy with work when I'm here, and that's why I travel because I need a break, or a week to just go offline and do some activities. So there are times that the sun might be too bright for me even for others, or maybe for you, it's not that bright. I also don't have a 20/20 vision, so consider me blind if the sun's to bright for me.LOL.

I'd love to get my hands on these expensive, quality, and durable sunglasses one day but a cheap and reliable one is good enough for me - well, for now.

 Product Review: Couple Sunnies in Blue and Pink by Eye Know Right

Couple Sunnies: The Bastards in Blue and Pink by Eye Know Right

Price: P529.00
Click here to View at Zalora

I found these pair of sunglasses for sale at Zalora outlet that’s selling for less than a thousand pesos, which is great because it’s just the one I wanted, the colors I wanted, and it’s affordable – yes, you get these two for P529!

I loved the blue one better than the pink, but I do love the pink. It’s just that it seems the blue one looks a lot better in Coron though I did use the pink one here in Cebu when I do roam around.

Should you buy it?

If you’re in a tight budget, loves blue and pink, need two sunglasses, can’t handle the bright sun, and you need to find it soon and delivered in your doorstep then here’s your solution.

How’s the quality?

The look, the feel, the view is totally fine. It solves the problem, and it looks good on me too.
I can’t give you the review on the blue one since I left it at Malcapuya Island, I totally forgot about it since it was in the boat. I was so overwhelmed with the experience there that I forgot the sunglasses.

Sadly, for the pink one, the color seems started to…errr… not look pink? I’m not using it now, and it’s been 6 months.

Still, if anyone gives me these pair, I’ll still be happy about it. I really love the blue one. LOL.

I’m also looking into the Beer and Gold color by Eye Know Right. It looks totally attractive and all. It’s also the same price with this, and yes, for two (2) pairs. So if you prefer the more elegant color then you should check that out.

Plus, if you're not registered or don't have an account at Zalora yet, then sign up now and when you buy any items from them, then do use my code to get 15% off on your cart. Save more! Get More! Pay less! *wink

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