How to Get YOUR #2015BestNine on Instagram?

I woke up seeing posts all over my Instagram feed, Nine (9) photos in 1 with a hashtag #2015BestNine and I was like, what's going on? As I'm writing this, there are 754, 098 posts with this hashtag and photos.

And because everybody's doing it, I just found out how to do it, so maybe you want to know and post yours too!

Simply go to and enter your username - yes, it won't ask authorization on your Instagram account, it will just ask for a username. Then wait for (as what the website say) about 10 minutes so that it will check your account and see what's the best Instagram post you have this 2015. The best nine photos result you have for 2015 are all based on number of likes, yes, just likes.

Well, for me. I bet there are a lot for it to check since I post a lot but I think I only have a few that have likes and comments. So, I'll give it more time to scan my photos, sorry Best Nine website! I get more on Facebook though, so I hope Facebook have this too, or they'll have one for Facebook - too bad for the private profiles.

Want to see mine? Here it is!

How to Get YOUR 2015 Best Nine on Instagram

Cool eh!? Hopefully, in 2016 I'll be able to post more worth to like and comment photos since I've planned a lot for 2016, hoping it will be a great year for me, well, of course for you too!

That's it, I have you'll be able to enjoy your 2015 Best Nine photo, feel free to leave your best nine photos in 2015 through leaving the link of your Instagram post below as a comment.

Happy New Year!

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