30 Reasons that I'm Thankful For 2015

I usually do a recap after the year ends. But since a friend of mine (let’s call her ChannelMarie.com) joined the blogging challenge and the last challenge is that they should ask another blogger to write about this topic.

So, since I’m a good friend. A really. Really good one. LOL. I’d like to share it with you today through this blog post.
  1. God. Who have never let me down. Who have been always there listening and answering my prayers and filling in love in me.

  2. The Church. For reminding me each day to be a good Christian, To be strong, to keep my faith strong, to be not fooled, or even be weak.

  3. Strong Faith. I thank God that since I was little He have called me into His arms already and secured and given me a strong belief in Him. Because if I’m weak, I won’t be this steadfast in where I am standing.

  4. Father. There are a lot of reasons for me to be thankful about having my Dad. Of all Dad available (LOL), I’m thankful I have him, because he’s the one who brings me nearer to God.

  5. Mother. As of now, I’m thankful that God have let us, me and my siblings still have our Mama. Our Daddy’s not around anymore, and each day (though there are days I’m pissed with her) God let me be with her, and her guide us through our lives. Yes, we’re still consulting our parents even we’re this old. Even my brother (our eldest) who’s married still goes to our Mama asking for advice. We still need her in our lives.

  6. Siblings. I’m the family’s baby. The youngest. Though I could say I’m lucky to be one, there are also disadvantages of it to be honest. But I am thankful to have these irritating siblings of all times. Lucky enough to have them.

  7. 3 Niece and upcoming niece/nephew. I have 3 beautiful niece at the moment. They treat me like I’m their older sister, but when they want me to treat them somewhere they do remember I’m their aunt. They’re all loving kids, well behaved, and smart ones – and I have to pay per medals they get per school yearFinally, my sister’s pregnant! We’ve been all praying for that for years and the baby’s coming soon. I hope it’s a boy.  

  8. Buchi. If you’re following me on Instagram or friends on Facebook. One of my dogs died this year, and that’s Buchi. Buchi’s the daughter of Sushi (deceased at 3), who’s also the daughter of Kiara. Her grandma is still around, and begging me for food while I’m writing this. Though she have a short life, as short as her Mom I’m very much thankful for Buchi. She’s my stress reliever for years. She’ve given me a lot of joy and comfort for the past years. 

  9. Kiara, Chowder, and Kovu. For being my stress relief, my entertainer, giving me joy, and heart.

  10. Mingkay and the Kittens. For the past days I’ve been actually irritated with the kittens, but those cute faces. Damn. Who could not forgive them running around in the middle of the night at the rooftop.

  11. The Clients. There are 2 SEO clients whom I’ve been working with for the past 3 years, I am very thankful for them sticking with me. And this year, there’s another awesome client who have been giving me more projects to work with. Lucky to have him!

  12. Other projects. I’ve been blessed too with other projects, been earning some few bucks using my other skills in computer.

  13. GoPro. For creating GoPro? But really, I’m thankful for having it, even I have the cheapest one available. It’s worth it.

  14. Coron Sponsors. My year won’t be blast or I won’t be motivated to work harder if I wasn’t able to get a 5 days break offline and from work. Big thanks for the sponsors for making all that possible, for Asia Grand View Hotel in Coron, Sea Coral Lodge, Coron Blue Lagoon Adventure Travel and Tours, and our tour guide Ryan. I will also thank again all my clients who are not bothered with me going offline for 5 days.

  15. Coron Island Tour 2015 Palawan Exotic Philippines

  16. El Nido Sponsors. Next month, November of 2015 I’ll have another getaway for 5 days to El Nido Palawan. I’d like to thank in advance the following awesome businesses: Northern Hope Tours, El Nido Boutique & Artcafe, and El Nido All Seasons Resorts.

  17. Advertisers. To all the advertisers on my blogs, thank you for the opportunities and letting me make money through my blogs.

  18. Turtulele. Making my niece happy is a priceless thing, the more if I’d be able to give her the most wanted item for her. Thank you for the Ukelele that you gave to my niece.

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  20. Hootsuite. I would like to thank my Hootsuite family for all the trainings, sources, advices, and support with my career.

  21. WithLocals. For all the travels and support, love for the Philippines thank you so much.

  22. CBC Leads. I’m also one of the Cebu Blogging Community Leads, and I’m very thankful to the fellow leads for all the opportunities and having the patience on having me around.

  23. CBC Community. To all the awesome bloggers of the community, thank you for your trust in giving you support for your blogging success.

  24. My Blogs Readers. For even reading this blog post, and the rest of the blog posts on Exotic Philippines and BloggersTech. Having the patience with how I write my articles, is a huge thing. Thank you!

  25. WithLocals Hosts. I verify hosts as a WithLocals Ambassador, and these hosts mostly became my friends. Thank you for the awesome time and discovery with you guys! It’s been awesome knowing you all. 

  26. To each one who adopted the dogs of Mandaue City dog pound. I actually just got home from the Cebu City dog pound and Mandaue City dog pound to find a dog to adopt. Thanks to 30+ persons who opened their hearts, homes, and family for the homeless dogs that needs to be rescued or they’ll meet their end by November 1. I wasn’t able to adopt one, so I’d like to thank you.

  27. Love Faith. For my best friend since…errr..like birth? Thank you for being that friend wherein distance doesn’t matter. That when we’ve not been together for months and years, we’re like been together almost every day. Thank you for being a silly friend. LOL.

  28. Gladys. I’m not sure why or how I’m able to feel that there’s something wrong with you, but thank you for being that college friend who stayed in touch and being always there to listen. Let’s date again soon!

  29. Dr. Jay Marie. She’s actually my classmate from elementary (Grade 1? Or kinder?) she’s now a vet and I would like to thank her for all her patient and advices on what to do with my dogs.

  30. Ruben and Bjorn. For pushing me to be my best.

  31. Jeph. For being that loud and funny friend. And then leave me behind. LOL. But really, we haven’t spent much time together, but I do wish we did. Thank you for listening to my silliness and being open to my invites.

  32. Channel. You’ve requested me to do this post. But I am thankful for you for being always there, wherever I am. Underwater, from the other island, you’re there to listen, to advice, to be with me. Cheers to more travels and success to both of us!
There’s more to be thankful in this year, there’s more to look forward to. But to all of this, I thank God for giving me all these even I felt like I am not that worthy on having all these. Thank you God for loving me always.

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